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Quad Operational Amplifier and Adjustable Reference

General Description
The LM614 consists of four op-amps and a programmable
voltage reference in a 16-pin package. The op-amp
out-performs most single-supply op-amps by providing
higher speed and bandwidth along with low supply current.
This device was specifically designed to lower cost and
board space requirements in transducer, test, measurement
and data acquisition systems.
Combining a stable voltage reference with four wide output
swing op-amps makes the LM614 ideal for single supply
transducers, signal conditioning and bridge driving where
large common-mode-signals are common. The voltage ref-
erence consists of a reliable band-gap design that maintains
low dynamic output impedance (1Ω typical), excellent initial
tolerance (0.6%), and the ability to be programmed from
1.2V to 6.3V via two external resistors. The voltage refer-
ence is very stable even when driving large capacitive loads,
as are commonly encountered in CMOS data acquisition
As a member of National’s new Super-Block™ family, the
LM614 is a space-saving monolithic alternative to a multichip
solution, offering a high level of integration without sacrificing

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