A50QS300 Ferraz Shawmut

Fuse HRC 300A 500V Bolt Tap 38.1 X 110mm

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• Lowest I2
t for greatest protection of semiconductor circuits
• Low watts loss for cooler operation
• Superior cycling ability gives an equipment design advantage
• State-of-the-art protection for 500V equipment
• Ultra compact sizes allow down-sizing of existing equipment
A50QS Amp-Trap® Form 101 fuses grew out of the need to improve the overall
performance of semiconductor fuses in response to new equipment requirements.
The A50QS encompasses the best protection features – lower I2t to provide better
protection for equipment, longer life when subjected to cyclic loading and lower
watts loss. A50QS is today’s best choice for the protection of dynamic solid state
equipment such as motor drives, inverters, UPS, etc.
• 500V AC/DC rated
• Lowest I2
• Low watts loss
• Superior cycling ability
• Protection of 500V or less motor
drives, UPS, inverters, etc.