CDI Flowmeter 5400-40S

CDI FlowMeter 5400-40S

Installation and Operating Instructions
Limitations and Cautions
CDI 5100 flowmeters are not for use in hazardous areas or with gasses other
than air or Nitrogen or at pressures greater than 250 psig. They are not for use in
control or safety applications. The maximum operating temperature is 150°F
(66°C); best accuracy will be achieved at temperatures of 40° to 80°F.
Locating the Meter
Each CDI 5100 meter is shipped with a six-inch length of pipe that has been
carefully reamed to provide proper flow into the meter. For best accuracy, this
pipe should be threaded into the inlet of the meter; piping further upstream will
have little effect on accuracy. If you are sealing the joint between the pipe and
the meter with tape, be sure the tape does not intrude on the opening at the end
of the pipe. For accurate and reliable readings in compressed-air applications,
the meter must be installed downstream of a dryer.
If possible, locate and orient the meter for good visibility from the plant floor.
The meters may, when necessary, be installed outdoors. For best visibility, avoid
direct sunlight.
Orienting the Display
The meter must be installed with flow in the direction indicated by the flow arrow.
If doing so will cause the display to be upside-down, remove the cover of the
meter, lift out the display, rotate both 180° and re-install.

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