Battrey PAEZ-BT2


Battery PAEZ-BT2
Battery Set PAEZ-BT2H

• This product must be handled by qualified personnel with expert
knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering. Before using
the product, please read “Safety precautions”, carefully to ensure
correct use.
• This product is designed and manufactured for use as an internal
component for general industrial equipment. Do not use the
product for any other purpose. Oriental Motor shall not be liable
whatsoever for any damage arising from a failure to observe this
• Should you require the inspection or repair of internal parts, please
contact the Oriental Motor branch or sales office from which you
purchased the product.
• Oriental Motor shall not be liable whatsoever for any problems
relating to industrial property rights arising from use of any
information, circuit, equipment or device provided or referenced
in this document.
• Characteristics, specifications and dimensions are subject to
change without notice.
• This document is protected under the applicable copyright laws.
No part of this document may be reproduced, stored, changed,
duplicated or transmitted digitally (via printing, copying,
microfilming or any other manner) without prior written consent
from Oriental Motor.
• is a registered trademark or trademark of
Oriental Motor Co., Ltd., in Japan and other countries.
Other product names and company names mentioned in this
manual may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their
respective companies and are hereby acknowledged. The
third-party products mentioned in this manual are recommended
products, and references to their names shall not be construed as
any form of performance guarantee. Oriental Motor is not liable
whatsoever for the performance of these third-party products

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