Jual Fuse 0498023.M 23A Littlefuse

MIDI®, Clear MIDI®, and One Hole MIDI® Style Bolt-down Fuse
Rated 23V
This MIDI® style fuse offers a bolt-on space saving fuse for high current wiring protection
and provides time delay characteristics with “Diffusion Pill Technology”. The MIDI® was
designed and patented by Littelfuse.
MIDI® Fuses
Clear MIDI® Fuses
(transparent nylon
composite cover)
One Hole MIDI® Fuses
Interrupting Rating: 1000A @ 32 VDC
Voltage Rating: 32 VDC
Operating Temperature Range: -40˚C to + 125˚C
Black Housing Material: PA-GF25FR
Clear Housing Material: PA-6/66
Terminal: Tin plated Copper
Mounting Torque M5: 4.5 Nm +/- 1Nm
Mounting Torque M6: 6.0 Nm +/- 1Nm
Complies with: ISO 8820-5:2003, UL 248 Special Purpose Fuses

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